Features and Benefits

Designed for your airline!

Anti-Microbial & easy-clean technology

SkyLeather® is a revolutionary synthetic leather specially designed for airlines, to help reduce carbon emissions and improve fuel efficiency. Its an ingenious alternative to reconstructed leather, and genuine leather.

This innovative material offers advantages in aircraft seat maintenance and also stands out with regard to passenger comfort.

Airline cost savings

Compared to leather hides, our synthetic SkyLeather® is up to 25% lighter. This contributes to airline operators fuel saving initiatives.

Enviromental benefits

SkyLeather® has been designed with the environment in mind. Harmful chemicals have been removed from the manufacture of SkyLeather®, ensuring it is a true eco-friendly material.

Easy Clean technology

Our EasyClean technology embedded within our material, gives the surface of SkyLeather® is highly dirt / grime repellant.


The high elasticity of SkyLeather® simplifies the fitting process, even for complex seat shapes.
The seat cover stays in the same shape and therefore looks new for longer.

Enhanced comfort

SkyLeather® causes no skin irritation and is resistant to fungal growth. Additionally, the suppleness of the soft surface delivers enhanced comfort for the passenger.


Our SkyLeather® is available in a range of colours, finishes and colours. Autostop Avition has developed a standard colour pallet, but can match any colour to suit customer needs.


SkyLeather® is anti-microbial to inhibit the growth of microorganisms.


Azo Dyes Free
(PAH) Free
Heat Resistance
DMF Free
Chromium VI Free
Cold Resistancee
Formaldehyde Free
Allergenous and Carcinoghenic Substances Free
Stain Resistance
Heavy Metals Free

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